General Sales Conditions

  • Reduction: 

The childrens prices are applicable for children from 4 to 12 years (included).  

The children of less than 4 years are concidereted as Infant. The price for any tours for infant is 15.-CHF. 

It is not recommended to take the children of less than 2 years to the excursions in mountain whose altitude is higher than 2000 meters.

Baby seat are not supplied.

  • Restriction:

No smoking inside the bus 

Animals are not allowed in the bus.

  • Payement:

Swisstours accepts the payment by credit card without any overload

  •  Responsibility:  

Swisstours Transport SA disclaims all liability for damages caused by delay, damage, loss, accident or irregularities which could be caused, either by the defect of the vehicles, or by the fault or negligence of any Company or anybody in charge of the transport of the traveller or responsible for the execution of arrangements for which the ticket was issued or for all other causes whatever they are.  Transport etc... is fixed with the laws of the country where the vehicles were provided.

The luggage, unless they were not ensured, are transported to the risks and dangers of the travellers throughout all excursion.  The small parcels, coats, covers, umbrellas, cameras and other hand luggage are transported under the whole responsibility of the traveller.  This one, moreover, is warned against the risk inherent in these objects when they are left in the vehicles during excursions. 

  • Terms and Conditions of cancellation of excursion: 

Excursions of short duration (lasted = a whole day or less) :

  • More than 6 days before the departure, 20% of the total price of the excursion.
  • Between 5 and 3 days before the departure, 50% of the total price of the excursion. 
  • Between 2 and 0 days before departure, 100% of the total price

All cancellations will have an extra cancellation fee of 50.- upon the mentioned percentage.